Friday, February 27, 2009

Vikipedia and Vigs and Wodka

Whig (British political faction) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After finishing my lectures in Yerevan, Grigor took me to his
home. His older son Arevit is really very good at english, so
one objective was to have him speak english with a native speaker.

Grigor's wife-prepared lake trout, with several other armenianstyle delicacies. During conversation, Arevit asked me what 'Whig' and 'Tory' meant. His world history class is studying the American Revolution, and the teacher had left this question as extra-credit. I didn't remember myself, but immediately suggested looking it up on Wikipedia. One can guess that the teacher has not heard of wikipedia. Well, a few minutes went by, no answer. Checking on Arevit, he was spelling it as 'Vig.' Transliteration---it will get you every time!

Late in the evening, it was clear that I was sleeping at Grigors. We went to the next apartment building, to a close relative who was having a birthday party---Vodka and snacks. The cousins gathered in the kitchen to talk, and finish
homework until we left, close to midnight.

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