Sunday, February 22, 2009

SKI TRIP, part 6 - When the chips are down, they are probably kopeks

Despite the economic downturn world-wide, their jobs are not yet imperiled. Well, the prices remain very low in Armenia. A current project, of great interest, is coding up a online-poker game. Not cutting edge, but all the other ones out there cost more money than it costs for them to program it. They are doing it for a social networking site (not FB, btw), not a gambling website. Chips will be just bragging rights or something.

So, poker is the game of choice. We played Texas Hold-em using Soviet 3-kopek coins as chips! (Talk about cultural dislocations....) These coins were pretty old, with many of them depicting a statute of Lenin, arm raised majestically. I have no idea where they came from.

It was quite interesting to see the generational changes. The drinking party has also changed: There was very little vodka, NO armenian brandy. One item included was a peculiarly russian riff on a margarita. At about 11pm, there was a loud and
extended discussion about how to solve one of the especially annoying logical puzzles involving islanders who are implausibly rationalists, and faced with some equally implausible life or death decision. There was more than enough brain power left to solve this thing. It ended at midnight, after a few frenzied minutes of Armenian dancing.

Not their father's drinking party, that is for sure.

old Russian 3-kopek coins

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