Friday, February 20, 2009

Can you hear me now? (Part 1 of a continuing series)

Act I

March 10, 1876
Alexander Graham Bell
"Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you."
(from Bell's journal)

Thomas A. Watson
"Amazing, it's sounds like you are right in the next room!"


February 19, 2009
Laura Grace Bordeaux (in Decatur, via Internet/Skype)
"Honey, your voice keeps breaking up."

Michael Lacey (in Armenia)
"Well, dear, I'm really really far away."

End of Act I

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The hard birthing of new habits.

The old ones, die hard, true.

And right now, I have two thoroughly conflicting goals:

1. Reduce the amount of time I spend on the computer.

2. Get in the habit of posting every day, so that when I have something interesting to report, I do it.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mt Ararat over Yerevan, Aremenia

Michael had promised me a photo of Mt. Ararat as a present today; and what a gorgeous photograph!

Note the Armenian cross in the foreground.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Very Early Spring, 2009

Peter gave me this vase for Christmas, and this is my first arrangement: daffodils from out by the mailbox, white quince from under the pine trees and behind the azaleas in the backyard and... cool red berry carrying branches. They have a name. I just don't have it.

Sunday Feb 15 2008: Homey Jomey

Homey Jomey. That just came into my head; something my mom & dad used to say. I wonder where that came from, and if anyone else has used that expression.

It means (at the moment) that I'm comfy at home, without a lot of plans. Because it's Sunday, and I normally "keep" the Sabbath by going to church, being with family and not feeling guilty for being relaxed and lazy. I've got six other days for that...

I love my church, the people and even the feeling of being in the Sanctuary; it's light and airy, and simple. Today, some of the music was provided by a trio of harpists, which added to my contented feelings. A local harp teacher exchanges use of our space for teaching and recitals; in exchange, she plays occasionally during worship, and today two of her students played as well. We definitely have the better part of the bargain, I'd say.

Ah, and then potluck... everybody's favorite (3rd Sunday of every month, if you happen to be in the Atlanta area: Columbia Presbyterian Church.

I'm blessed that we belong to a church which is less than a mile away; especially on a very early spring day like today. Birds of all kinds singing in the woods (I walk past Columbia Theological Seminary on my way) and daffodils and forsythia are in bloom. Right now I'm ensconced on our southfacing window seat, and there are cool breezes coming through the french doors that lead on to the screen porch.

My only dilemma? Should: walk to the YMCA. Would like to: go take a nap on the glider out on the screen porch...

Stay tuned....