Sunday, February 22, 2009

SKI TRIP, part 7 - Five friends in the snow

Quizzing Gagik, virtually everyone at the company is his age. The oldest is is the 45 yr old boss. A woman, this probably explains why the company has a maternity leave policy---I am guessing that one was not hard to get past the Canadian bosses! (They may not even have thought is was an option.) And the number of women at the company is near parity.

We went up the mountain, walked through the snow on Sunday, had meals at the hotel resturant, as part of the package. Besides Smbat's sister, who I chatted with quite a bit, I also met both a Lebenese, and a Syrian. Part of the Armenian diaspora, claiming a right of return. In both cases, I think their families were torn apart by the 1915 Genocide. 90 years later they and their families are still searching and seeking for a place to call home.

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