Saturday, September 8, 2012

Elsewhere 2012.09.08: Our Saturday stroll around Sognsvann Lake

Elsewhere 2012.09.08:  Our Saturday stroll around Sognsvann Lake 

A short walk to the train, a short and scenic ride to the end of the line, another short walk, and we arrived at Sognsvann Lake.  We walked the 3.3 km around the shore and never were out of sight of other people; couples, families, runners, all ages.  It's clearly a much loved retreat from the city streets.  There are separate paths for bikers; where there are concrete sidewalks, away from the lakeside, we've seen people practicing their cross country skiing, wearing what look to me like oversized skateboards.

Coming and going on the train, we had brief glimpses of the fjords which surround Oslo.  It's also interesting to me to see what the "suburbs" look like:  small, tidy green backyards, shiny black tile roofs, lots of birches and evergreen trees.

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