Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elsewhere 2012.09.12 Up on the Roof

2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - yellow roses underneath the rhododendron bushes2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - white church and cliffs2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - view to the east2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - to the northwest2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - to the northeast2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - our glimpse of fjord
2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - other neighbors2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - 142012.09.12 Up on the Roof - 092012.09.12 Up on the Roof - "our" backyard2012.09.12 Up on the Roof - "Be it ever so humble..."2012.09.12 the yellow roses
2012.09.12 Neighbors - must be nice!2012.09.12 Holmenkollen Ski Hill2012.09.12 Holmenkollen Ski Hill - telephoto

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Elsewhere 2012.09.12 Up on the Roof

The view from the 8th floor roofdeck of our building always fascinates me.  This morning I went up (the stairs) in the morning; this afternoon I went up (the stairs) again to see a completely different scene.

The south-east was still sunny with puffy white clouds, but to the north and west there were very dark panels of falling rain.  Even more striking was the nearly sheer curtain of lighter (and closer) showers to the north-west, which were moving at a fairly fast clip; I could see the slant clearly.  Didn't have my camera then, but judging from other days, I'll have another chance.

Elsewhere 2012.09.05: my little trip to Bygdøy

This dog was having a grand time swimming after sticks...the water is so beautifully clear, everywhere.sculpture, not Torso by Henry Moore...I'd love to know what this is...Huk Park, looking toward the waterHuk Park, looking south into the fjord(s)
enlarged, you can see little red & white cottagesa view from a little mound; enlarged, you can see 2 cruise ships"Torso" by Henry Moore

The Bygdøy penisula is well known to tourists and locals in Oslo; several of the most famous museums are found here: The Kon-Tiki, The Norsk Folkemuseum, The Vikingskiphuset, The Holocaust-senter, The Norsk Sjofarts-museum and the Fram Museum. I just wish I could get an invite to hang out on the Royal Farms...

In addition to the museums it's a very pleasant, quiet place to walk around, with older single family homes and more modern apartment blocks.

During the summer, a ferry runs from the main docks in downtown Oslo to Bygdøy. All year, it's easily accessible by bus, which also serves the peninsula itself; the end of it's loop is at Huk.

I went to Huk, a tiny park with two swimming beaches. I did not venture in... There is a Henry Moore Sculpture called "Torso", pictured here with optional bicycle.

There is another massive park called Kongeskogen, also with beach; haven't seen that yet.