Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gone The Sun... (from 2008)

gone the sun...
Originally uploaded by Laura Grace
Taken from the top of a 3-story tower at The Mountain, a Unitarian Universalist retreat center near the Georgia/North Carolina border. This is a truly relaxing place, with fantastic views across the Blue Valley.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tres Palmas Nature Reserve (click here)

We were snorkeling there this morning.... it was WONDERFUL!!  We followed a huge school of bright blue fish for a long time...

Monday, March 22, 2010

San German streets and buildings - 13

A beautiful little town, with scenes like this interspersed with decaying buildings. The second oldest city in Puerto Rico.

Iglesia German de Auxerre Nave - 3

trompe-d'oeil (painted) ceiling. The priest let us come in and we had a lovely conversation with him...

Porta Coeli Museum... tiles

Porta Coeli Museum... tiles, originally uploaded by Laura Grace.

These were in a museum created to house religious art and artifacts. An excellent example of using images to tell the stories of the Bible.

San German - my patient husband

I wait patiently while theorems dance through his head and fall out, in ink, on paper. He waits patiently while I photograph everything in sight...

Love you, dear!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Roads to Rincon - Second Beach - 03

Roads to Rincon - Second Beach - surfers

Roads to Rincon - Second Beach - 13

Roads to Rincon - Second Beach - 23

Roads to Rincon - Second Beach - 30

Roads to Rincon - PR22 - karst

Arecibo Karst Hills (photo credit: GeoSpaceJPK)

Arecibo Karst Hills, originally uploaded by GeoSpaceJPK.

I wanted a photo better than the one I took as we were whizzing along Route 22. Thanks to GeoSpaceJPK for allowing blogging of his images.

Elsewhere: Puerto Rico -- Today's Quiz

Elsewhere's Exclusive Quiz for the day: What do areas outside of Bloomington, Indiana have in common with the areas outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico?

The third important physiographic feature is the karst region in the north. This area consists of formations of rugged volcanic rock dissolved by water throughout the geological ages. This limestone region is an extremely attractive zone of extensive mogotes or haystack hills, sinkholes, caves, limestone cliffs, and other karst features. The karst belt extends from Aguadilla, in the west, to a minor haystack hills formation in LoĆ­za, just east of San Juan.

And... if you'd like to learn ALL about karst, and see some good photos: look here