Sunday, February 22, 2009

SKI TRIP, Part 4 - As you can see, Gagik is a very fun person. Taken on the streets of Tsaghakador.

As it turned out this was a company weekend. Gagik and Smbat both work at an out-sourcing firm to make ends meet as young mathematicians in Armenia. They do back-office style coding work for canadian firms, at the level of HP and Nortel.

The employees got to invite guests. Smbat invited his sister, a physics grad student, who divides her time between Yerevan and Dijon France. Gagik invited me. Everyone was 20-something, and generally very bright. See below for one anecdote about this.

Smbat's sister is in a joint degree program between France and Armenia. Both countries recognize the PhD. Interesting situation, but she doesn't have much of a contact with the French side, except through her advisor.

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