Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A lovely way to start the day: Pi d'en xandri i Montserrat

From Michael, in Barcelona, via email:

Out for a run, in the local natural park.

Sant Cugat is on the outskirts of Barcelona, with a small mountain separating the two. That
mountain is a national park, or something. And it has several trails through it. I went running
about 2 km down to the trail, and then another 1.5 km up the trail.

Past an iconic tree* and up the mountain.

Birds, lovely mediteranean foliage, views of a baroque church on the mountain top, several
kilometers away. Exercising will be a pleasure!

* (The black and white photo was taken by pepau and is posted according to Creative Commons liscence. If you click on the photo, you'll see his original post on flickr. You can see pepau's other flickr photos here. I've read that this tree is over 200 years old. It's an Umbrella Tree.

The color photo, taken by cercamon was posted on Panoramio. Click on the photo and you'll see the original post, plus a map of the area, plus an aerial view. Even better, click on the "Look Around" link below the original photo, for more views of this obviously beloved tree.

Hope to publish my own photos before too long! Laura, editor-in-chief)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bat House...


Shell House.

Shell house detail.

Shell house detail., originally uploaded by _ML.

The Shell House; Michael took this lovely closeup, and all these photos, in his neighborhood in Barcelona.

Dogfish at the Good Place (confessions of a mathematical gastronome)

(from Michael in Barcelona, via email)

A slow day here, with the Sant Medir holiday in the local village. I woke up late.

And then, for lunch we went to the Good place. A buffet for 11 euro, withf irst and second courses plus dessert.

Little delicious ravioli in cream sauce
Endive salad
Proscuitto and melon, both cut very thin, with ground pepper mixture on top

Dog fish
A special creamy spinach

All buffet style, and it lasted for two+ hours. What a life!

but, it doesn't make for much math being done!

notes from Editor Laura: thanks to Pia for permission to use her dogfish cartoon.