Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012.08.14 Wednesday Lund, Sweden

After a very long day of travel, we arrived safely in the lovely university town of Lund, Sweden.
(Every trip which ends safely is, by definition, a wonderful trip.)

Lund is near the southwestern coast of Sweden; it's a very pleasant one-hour train trip from the Cophenhagen airport; as an additional bonus, the train station is also part of the airport.

I love Google Maps!  (If you click on the map, you can see the whole thing.)  We walked from the train station to our hotel, Maria came to meet us, and we walked from the hotel to the park, then stopped for a very nice meal together.

I love Satellite view on Google maps even more; I use the regular maps for practicalities, and Sat maps for fun.

Most of the streets in the older area (where we are staying) are pedestrian only, which makes for peaceful walking, as the cyclists are very polite.  Which is good, cause there are bikes everywhere.


Peggy Casey said...

These are great maps but I wish we could use the little google man to get a street view!!! Missing you but mostly I'm just jealous!!! LOL

Laura Grace Bordeaux said...

Peggy Casey, I almost posted about the little google man/street view. The cool thing is, most of the streets are not for cars.... So now they need Google BikeView...