Friday, January 21, 2011

What I was thinking about...

kitchen's almost done!, originally uploaded by Laura Grace.
I was remembering my very first place of my own, in 1975. It was the upper floor of a house in a fairly sketchy neighborhood of Hazel Park, we lived about 3 blocks from 8 Mile Road. Yes, The 8 Mile Road as in the movie (which I haven't seen, but maybe you have).

I remembered being there alone for the first time, before getting married for the first time, and cleaning out the clunky old fridge; I was really excited about having our own place.

After I was done, I walked down to The Blue Dot Cafe, and ordered some fried chicken... I asked what were "hush puppies" and the dear lady said "Oh honey, you've never had hush puppies? You have to try them!" and I did and I liked 'em a lot, and now I live in hush puppy land. By the way, the area was known as HazelTucky because so many people had migrated north to work in the auto factories, and the Blue Dot lady did NOT sound like a Michigander...

And now, Michael & I are living in the loft which is owned by our daughter and her husband-to-be... and I was alone cleaning a kitchen and being excited about new times, and thinking about old ones.

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Edward Davis said...

Wow...I just googled the blue dot cafe and found this post. My Aunt lived in an apartment that was in the rear of the cafe and she also worked there. Her parents were from Fox Chase Philadelphia and the accent had carried on to their children. May very well have been her that served you.