Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pure Delight!

Pure Delight!, originally uploaded by Laura Grace.

This is a completely amazing snowstorm; it's been going on for five hours! The last time we had anything even close to this was in Jan 2002.


Michelle S. said...

the grass is always greener. . . or whiter. I am longing for green grass and a warm sun and people are frolicking in the snow . . . I have a friend stuck in Memphis then Charlotte trying to get to Florida.

harmonic said...

Southern snow is such a pleasure. It stay, you know, will be fleeting, bearing no hint of future bite!

Remember the snow in Baton Rouge? The little snowmen on the giant trucks was the best.

Jude K. said...

Your pictures are amazing, Laura.
You are so talented!

Jude K. said...

Your pictures are amazing, Laura! You are so talented.